Everything is Elastic

If you've looked through the list of scores you may have seen that a good portion of the works featured here are quite elastic in terms of their instrumentation and ensemble size. I included this flexibility in ensemble size in order to help ensemble directors/teachers find scores that might work with a variety of ensemble sizes. With that said, I am very open to suggestions about how these scores could become even more elastic! So, think of the ensemble sizes and instrumentation as suggestions, and feel free to get creative with things. You could even perform different scores at the same time. For instance, Study no. 12 for Bottle Blowers and Study no. 52.1 for soloist as a micro-concerto of sorts, or 15b.1 (for violin/viola and electronics) alongside 16 (for percussion and electronics). The possibilities probably aren't endless, but I think there are a lot of 'em.